Sangeeth Decoration

When I think of décor for sangeet events, I imagine lush, colourful flowers, vibrant tables capes full of majestic trinkets, and whimsical displays of candle and lights with silky fabrics cascading. I imagine opulence and style, peacock feathers and marigolds abound, and a bunch of antique gold lanterns everywhere because, why not? Well, that vision was fine and dandy until it came to my own wedding and I heard how much money it would cost to decorate a small hall for my sangeet. I recall watching at my decorator asking “you need us to pay how much for draping approximately saris on the wall and looking like a peacock projectile retched on my party floor
Things you can obtaining in greater part and decorate manually contain hurricane vases, mason jars, large picture frames, lanterns, and even exclusive pieces that metallic gold spray paint and/or good worth puff paint can really glam up. You can simply find low-cost, glass vases and trays to display case the Christmas stuffs. Spray painting huge cheap photo frames or getting a stick gun and pasting flowers onto them make for a fun décor structure as well. You can drape these on the wall or even custom them as DIY print booth frames!
You can also use smaller frames to decorate banquet tables or as centerpieces for guest tables. Hop online and find images for Mughal wedding art or similar themes; print out colored copies and stick it is a colored or sprayed frame. Distribute Indian bangles and electric tea light candles (which can also be bought in bulk at discount stores) around it and you just made manually some classy and colourful decorations!
Another trend is taking plain candles and drawing mehndi designs on them which can make for adorable decorative pieces. You can even create these as gifts for your familys ! Mehendi designs can be put on glass pots as well for that desi touch.

Sangeet ceremony is like a big party that bride-to-be and groom-to-be threw to celebrate their wedding with friends and families. New age couples wants their sangeet function to be most fun and happening event of their wedding.That’s why, these days sangeet function celebrations are becoming a grand affair. From shining lighting to sangeet stage decoration, new age bride and groom are looking for dissimilar sangeet decor concepts. To help you out, we bring you pictures of the best and the latest sangeet decoration ideas that we have spotted in trend lately. Whereas surfing this photo gallery, you will also find sangeet decoration designs for women sangeet at family. So, without further ado start scrolling down the images right now and get lots of sangeet decoration ideas
Sangeet Décor is an main part of any wedding, its a pre wedding decor so its also essential a marvelous decoration with floras, drapes, stage , lighting and props decor its also contain Cocktail decor. Hire best wedding decorators in hyderabad
for your Sangeet décor.

Sangeet currently is celebrated by couple’s family together at a common location. A outstanding stage is set where the entertainments dances performances take place. The choreographers explain cool dance steps to the whole relative bandwagon. The relative perform in couples or in groups. Generally, the couple’s parents have a set. Several sets of uncle and aunties from each side also make dance performances to current Bollywood songs. The sisters and brothers from each side will usually dance in sets or will prepare skits. Even the bride and the groom take part in the concert, dancing to romantic numbers. DJs are take on to create an environment where guest can dance their hearts on show. In over the top NRI or uber-rich businessman marriage ceremony, Bollywood celebrities are take on by our MK Event management companies to dance at the occasion. Some even hire well-known musical group and singers to present beautiful musical concerts.

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