Reception Decoration

Reception Décor

Indian weddings have a charm of their own. As per the ritual the marriage is mainly planned by the bride’s family, conversely, the reception might be an exception. Reception ceremony is famous after the main marriage day. It is the primary public entrance of the just marrieds couple after their wedding. The reception is generally planned by the family of the groom and is a sort of an outstanding celebration. The groups and friends mostly from the pellikoduku side attend this ceremony. From the Pellikuturu side, only the close relations invited. 

This is a festival time for both the families as they celebrate over their new unity. The reception ceremony also works as an occasion for the bride to know the confrères and companions of the groom’s family. This is the period while the newlywed finally represents that woman as an main member of her new family. Reception ceremonies are consequently arranged from the pellikoduku side to create the world recognize that they have a new member and they have a good time her arrival. It is an extension of the marriage celebrations.

Reception events are arranged with splendid food to treat the guests a little more. It is go together with good music and feel to add to the zing. Not like all the ceremonies, the reception does not include any rituals. It is a night event which is mostly planned to provide occasion to those familes who might not attend the wedding. Though, this party of this ritual depends completely upon the crazes and hopes of the groom’s side. It is a matter of specific choice to planned a reception celebration, as it is not estimated compulsory.

A very advanced reception stage decoration would be if you could beautify a tree with fairy lights and keep a hoard of post-it résumés along with some signs, allowing your loved ones to mark sweet wishes onto them and drape them onto the tree. Collect these as approvals and symbols of good luck which you can later turn into a scrapbook for memory sake. It would surely be a magnificent Indian wedding decoration to combine into your celebrations.

Lights Wedding Stage Decoration

Lighting is an essential phase of stage decor for wedding, which marks small spaces look superior. Based on the ambiance and the venue, the lighting design varies. To add a touch of grandeur, chandeliers would be a great choice.

‘Uplighting’ can be used in areas where they want to create drama. Spotlights could also be used if you want to draw the attention of your guests to the central stage. If one is using a particular color scheme, the washes of colored lights may also be used to accentuate the theme.

For outdoor stage decoration, strings of small lights could be draped around the branches of the tree or along with the canopy. Light strings hung along the entrance would form a twinkling backdrop for the entrance of the bride and the groom.

 To accentuate the romance in the atmosphere, the use of candles or diyas would be a great idea. Projections or Go-Between light plates may be used to create a nice personalized touch to the wedding lighting schemes with the initial of the bride and groom projected on the floors or backdrops.

The reception for your marriage ceremony must be the bash of your life! Whether you plan on pulling out all the stops, or you’re hosting a low-key celebration, it’s a time when you and your guests should kick back and enjoy yourselves.

Present wedding reception may take place everywhere, from enjoyment parks to verandahs. Many contemporary brides use their creativity to plan a reception that’s right for them. In calculation to the setting, other reception attentions include:

  • The whole atmosphere or theme of the party
  • Decorationsand centerpieces
  • Seating arrangements and place cards
  • The menu, including appetizers and drinks
  • Wedding reception music
  • Reception activities (traditionally dancing, but modern couples may include anything from photo booths to reception games)

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